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Julia Piekarczyk is a creative technologist based in Peckham, London. Originally from Poland and Vietnam, Piekarczyk was raised in Geneva, Switzerland before moving to the UK to graduate from Camberwell College of Arts with a degree in (BA) Fine Art Drawing. 


As a freelancer, Julia specialises in Event Production and Event Management. She enjoys bringing concepts from paper to life as well as creating innovative, interactive and enriching experiences for different audiences. 

As an artist, she studies the relationship between the organic and the digital through a multidisciplinary drawing practice.


Working in 2 and 3D, Piekarczyk creates immersive pieces through the process of layering different hyperreal elements while exploring traditional drawing techniques.


While liaising the digital (code/computer) and the physical (drawing tool/human) in more abstract works, her practice extends all the way to figurative painting.


Whether playing with virtuality, reality or anatomy, Piekarczyk maintains a mystic juxtaposition of intuitive and calculated mark making throughout her artistic inquiry.


Her work has previously been exhibited in venues like Copeland Gallery, CGP London, Peckham Levels, Camberwell College of Arts and Hotel Elephant in the UK. 


•excerpts from artist statement•


Blending the boundaries of the two visual realms allows me to simultaneously develop a sensibility towards the use of technology as a medium and refine my relationship with a range of classical drawing materials. Although my work is infused with the digital, I want to sustain an aesthetic reminiscent of the organic, the natural, to reinforce the scientific tension between technology and biological bodies.


I seek for the audience to take away three things from my practice: a new-found sensitivity in the pixels of an interface, and a revisited curiosity towards materials previously associated with outdated, classically reserved approaches to fine drawing. The third and most important thing is for them to get immersed in new connections found between the digital and the physical, through the varying, interlaced layers of my work.


Drawing with code gives me a very different kind of control over the created image than the control I have in drawing by hand. In both cases, I mediate the image, but through opposing tools: in one I use a computer interface and mathematical equations and in the other, my hand equipped with a direct physical drawing tool. Interestingly, in both methods of “drawing”, I might try and make a mark yet I cannot ever be entirely sure of where it is going to take me, which is what excites me when I develop my work. Through code, I can plan out everything to the pixel, yet I may still get a totally unexpected result from a simple typing mistake or incorporating an element of randomness into the code.


Freedom, control, intention and accident are the things I like to combine in a drawing environment to add a sense of performance to the resulting image.



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